Updating to iOS5, here is a few shortcuts

If you are like me you own too many iDevices, read too much of Engadget, and have too little patience to wait for final releases of firmware. So I updated to Lion Beta 4 and iOS5 Beta 1 on my iPhone and iPad 2.

Here is a few things that come in very handy on your way to updating:

- you need an Apple iOS developer account to download the betas (yeah, Torrents are also available) and to activate the updated device (workarounds for that seem shaky). Get it, it's 79$ a year or so. Read more ...

Hysteria and other bollocks

Global warming and other bollocks.

Amidst the hysteria around Fukushima, leaving the real and amass victims of the quake and Tsunami in Japan to cold oblivion, two old British professors and writers came to my mind tonight. Professeurs Stanley Feldman and Vincent Marks, that wrote the remarkably titled book "Global warming and other bollocks" sure are under full control of the power of the English language and not hesitant to swim against the flow. Read more ...

Moving in!


Kind of hard to believe but we are moving into the new house this Saturday, Jan 23, 2010. A year and half of planning, another year and half of building, and probably another year and half of fixing and finishing up. Like a good piece of software.

You can find some shots from other angles than the House Cam here: Read more ...

Christmas in Berghausen

International Kindle is more like an Expat-Kindle (Updated 20091022, 20091107)


I've been going through Kindles with every new release of the hardware. So far it was a limited experience for the lack of wireless outside the US and for the lack of anything WiFi. So I had to download the books via USB. 

Guess how happy I was when Amazon announced their "International Kindle" that could also do GSM for the "Whispernet" service, what Amazon calls it. Today the Kindle arrived and it actually worked, "Whispernet" is active in Germany, different from my other Kindles where it only works when in the US. Read more ...

You want, you need a SSD drive in your lappie. But not with the new MacBook Pro's!

SSD Random Access Performance

I was very very happy with my SSD in my Jan'09 MacBook Pro 15" until I upgraded to a June MBP 17" and slapped my OCZ Vertex 250gb into the shiny new machine. It worked like a charm - for a while. On one rainy day after a couple of weeks of using the machine I got very erratic behavior, read errors, no boot drive at startup, regular lock-ups, very unapple behavior! Read more ...

Running a mine-field or overreacting to make a point? MS vs. EU part 754


When the EU ruled that Microsoft can not ship Windows 7 only with Internet Explorer pre-installed it suggested to also pre-install other browsers like Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome or what-have-you. Read more ...

So little time, so much to do

Too much, too many

A day in the bush of ghosts. My kids thought this was a typical weekend setup. Hmm...


Open-Xchange related content has moved...


Please check out the new home for my Open-Xchange related blog at

See you there :)

Wrestling the iPhone part 10000 (Update 4)

(c) Michael Hanscom -

Update 4: The dev team finally did it - at least for the 3G. There is some progress for the 3Gs also, but this will probably take some time.

  Read more ...

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