How to use your M600i as a modem

This was not that straight forward. First of all you have to pair both. Make sure that the Mac is checked as "trusted" in the M600i Bluetooth settings. Then follow these steps from written by pbutterworth. My comments in blue.

Finally I can get my phone works as bluetooth modem.
- Download modem script from www dot taniwha dot org dot uk, I downloaded Sony Ericsson 3G Script
- Drop the modem scripts into Library/Modem Scripts
- Set up PPP:
Open Network Preferences
Optional: Create a new location - call it “Mobile” or whatever (you can also use the "Automatic" environment)
Select “Show: 'Bluetooth Modem Port'
Select the PPP tab and enter your network name in “Service Provider”.
Enter in “Telephone Number” the APN for your network (it's realy the APN (see below) no nothing *99#)
Enter the Account name & Password (if required)
- Setup Modema
Select the Bluetooth Modem tab in Network Preferences
Set 'Modem: “Sony Ericsson 3G “' (
It's usually the CID1 script, 1 referring to the first connection definition in the m600)
- Connect
Open Internet Connect
Select Bluetooth Modem Port
Click “Connect”

These are the settings for t-mobile uk.
Username User
Password Pass
APN (or Telephone number)
Turn off TCP header compression in PPP
User SonyEricsson 3G CID1 script

For Vodafone use as phone number, user/password can be anything. I'm also using Header compression.