Anna Kournikova Deleted by Memeright Trusted System

A good friend of mine ( Tobias "Tierlieb" Prinz ) made me aware of this noteworthy and disturbing story. Apparently Anna Kournikova was "removed" by the increasingly popular Memeright Trusted System, when she violated her own memerights. Read the whole story here:


Where Has All The Workload Gone ...

Lots of Netbooks flooding the market today. From Engadget.

The industry is preparing for the next wave in hardware - Netbooks. If this is a new buzzword to you or if you're simply curious about it a good recent piece about it can be found at

Netbooks are the perfect device to access hosted services, leverage SaaS-type offerings. With offerings like MailXchange (http:/ it is possible to Read more ...

Bill away, Steve astray


It is what is is. Some things can only be changed by changing the players. Germany lost the EU  Football (some call it soccer) cup against Spain in the finals tonight, Spain was simply better. Spain won for the first time since 1964 - the year I was born and that is definately a loooong time ago. Things have changed - after a long time. Viva España.

Same for Microsoft. A lot of changes ahead for the software business: Internet, Open Source, and Software as a Service. Open-Xchange is the new kids on the block with some serious stuff. Check out Slashdot and ZDNet for some insight.

Our House

This one is on the new house we are building. Latest picture of tonight:

The reverse time movies are here:

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, ... Apple!

Apple has done it. They have entered the hosted collaboration market, joining Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. With the most exciting technology amongst all the clients out there (the iPhone. And Mac Books. And ... yea, I am a fan. Kick me!), probably the most advanced - read deeply integrated into OS X, consistent and quite mature - user interface (Apple Mail, Addressbook and calendaring apps), and enough money to make it work, Apple has become yet another reason for hosters and telcos to look for other solutions, fast! Read more ...

The price is what? Open Source and .gov

The price is what? (c) Wilamette Week Online 2008

The "Wilamette Week Online" has a great piece from someone who is unhappy that city government of Portland seems to have a tendency to choose the MOST expensive option, also when choosing its mail system. This is just one on a litany of things that this city government is wasting money on. There are a plethora of stories on governments wasting money. Read more ...

Dublin / Radiohead (updated)

Radiohead Rainbow

Went to Dublin for the weekend to see the two Radiohead gigs at Malahide Castle on June 6 and June 7. They may be the best band of this (and the last) decade - but they sure are the best live gig I have seen in the past 10 years.

We even got two Rainbows right at the beginning - great light show :) Read more ...

Microsoft thinks SaaS is for the enterprise? Uh oh, may be they haven't figured it out, yet...

Enterprise requirements are too much for SaaS

We are having some fun here at the Parallels User Conference. Other than drinking too much with all the friends here, we also announced our partnership with Parallels about the integration of Open-Xchange into Parallels' automation and administration ecosystem. This will enable Service Providers to easily provision and sell OX based offerings to their customers. Read more ...

Is RedHat getting into the hosting business? They may have nothing to offer but...

Blood, Sweat and Tears.

Matt Asay has some intelligence on RedHat trying to enter the hosting market:

"If Red Hat can learn this space well, it may position the company to do more with Red Hat Exchange, allowing it to fully host open-source applications (and take a percentage of the revenue for its troubles). It could also set Red Hat up nicely to better grok and respond to the rise of specialized web companies like Google that currently have adopted Linux en masse...and pay Red Hat $0.00 for it."

There is certainly a business in the high-end dedicated server market for Enterprise Linux distros. I know some hosters that buy both RHEL and SLES. At least one of them bought all the SLES they could eat from the licence flood that came from the NOVL/MSFT deal.

For the mass market and real SaaS offerings I believe RedHat (and Novell for that matter) would first have to find a stack that they can sell. As Matt says, $0 from Google. And $0 from anybody else in the Hosting / Telco / SaaS space for enything below high-end dedicated hosting.

I remember this painfully from my SUSE days (2001-2003), these guys know how to do platform and ignore maintenance and support offerings from Linux, Database, Web Server, Systems Management etc. vendors. Professional Open Source Exploiters you could say. But when it comes to applications they want and need help.

Google bought a dozen or two companies in this space. Instead of buying companies right away most Telcos, Internet Service Providers, Hosters and Carriers rather buy the software from people like Drupal/Acquia, Open-Xchange or SugarCRM for cool SaaS offerings.

RHAT needs Apps!

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