iPhone Hacking Stand der Dinge im Oktober, Dummies Guides

November wird wieder ein spannender Monat für alle iPhone Hacker denn da kommt ja dann die ultimative deutsche Version auf den Markt. Natürlich konnten viele nicht so lange warten oder sie können einfach rechnen und/oder sind schlicht abenteuerlustig und haben sich deshalb ein iPhone aus den USA besorgt (für 320 EUR inkl. State Tax). Read more ...

iPhone Hacking Stand der Dinge im Oktober, Dummies Guides Chapter 2

So, also Ärmel hochgekrempelt und los geht es. Ich werde hier keine Schritt für Schritt Anleitung geben, denn da gibt es genug, aber ich werde eine Etage darüber den Leitfaden geben, wann man wo welche Anleitung befolgen muss. Englisch muss man können, mein Glossar gelesen haben, und seinen Computer einigermaßen bedienen können. Schwerpunkt liegt bei mir auf Mac's, aber ich verweise auch auf Windows, wo es nötig ist, kann dort aber keine eigenen Erfahrungen beitragen. Read more ...

The geeks guide to serious content

You'll find endless videos and stuff on the web these days. Unfortunately I find most of it boring and it most probably is. But hey, after all it''s the web and there are people who have to tell something that is worth spending an hour. Feel free to add your favorites to the list (via the comment function).

Ted Talks

Ted talks are usualy perfect for listening to (instead of watching) - e.g. in your car. Note that there is a link to directly load the talk into ITunes. Read more ...

Apple owned by symlink

Things are moving with 1.1.1 - Eventualy someone found a way to get into a 1.1.1 phone by doing

cd /var/root; mv Media backup; ln -s / Media

before updating to 1.1.1. See Ericas blog for more details.  Another group is trying to exploit an old TIFF processing bug in Safari. Guess, who is banging their heads against some random walls ?


Update 2:

The TIFF exploit made it.. Time for 1.1.2

Update 1:

From http://www.hackint0sh.org/forum/showthread.php?t=9735&page=10

"Good news... we have code execution! thats right... you heard it here first. We have managed to execute code via the libtiff exploit.

Details to come...

Please donate! (you can wait till we show the poc... but still!)"

Howto: Get Your Precious 1.0.2 iPhone Back from a Misguided 1.1.1 Upgrade

Don't upgrade your hacked, jailbroken, unsimlocked iPhone to Release 1.1.1 of the iPhone Firmware. Don't yet. Wait for the mouse to catch the cat.

In case you could not wait and lost the simlock break or the jailbreak or you even bricked your iPhone, it's not an expensive door stopper yet, you can go back.

Check out 9to5's guide on how to downgrade to 1.0.2. Seems Apple is getting the same deseases as Microsoft, in many ways. Read more ...

PMSC reunion im Q1, 2008

Coming soon!! The first PMSC Alumni Reunion.

***Cutoff date for signup will be October 1st. Please encourage people to sign. Space will be limited ****

PMSC reunion logo

Dummy proof iPhone unlocker now available

Dummyproof Version now available, says 'ngadget.

iPhone SIM lock hacked

On monday a commercial version to remove the iphone SIM lock was launched. It took the iphone dev team one or two days (depending on how you count it)   to release a free version. They claim (and I tend to believe them) that this tool is not a hacked hack but a new implementation.  The unlock process  needs the usual activation/ssh hack and is nothing for the faint hearted, but works. A couple of hours ago a GUI version was released,  which I haven't tried. Read more ...

Ulrich Hühn

Am 10.09.2007 ist Ulrich Hühn gestorben, kurz vor seinem 59. Geburtstag.

Die Trauerfeier ist am 21.09.2007 um 15 Uhr in Hennef, in der "Abschiedshalle am Park" des Bestattungshauses Busse-Kümpel, Beethovenstrasse 47 in 53773 Hennef. Read more ...

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