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$1m to run 800 users on MS Exchange - easily!

The price is what? (c) Wilamette Week Online 2008

ZDNet's Phil Wainewright has a nice piece titled "How much does Exchange really cost?". There he rounds up the heated discussions that were created around reports of an 800 people company called Serena that switched from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps. They say the comparable cost went down from $1 million per year for Exchange to $250,000 for Google Apps. Read more ...

Economies of Cloud Computing

clouds (from wikipedia)

In "Cloud computing: Will the financial geeks give it a boost?" ZDNet's Larry Dignan uses a recent Forrester report to help you explain the economies of SaaS / Cloud computing - to your CFO.

The economies of scale, the Open Source-ness, dedicated specialists, boilerplate hardware etc. enable service providers come out with SaaS offerings at competitive prices. Read more ...

Can You Afford Free Email?

You get what you pay for.

Recently, Randall Stross wrote this article, "Can't Open Your E-Mailbox? Good Luck," which appeared in the New York Times. You and I know plenty of people who rely on Gmail but now I really have to stop and think, ‘Are they crazy?’ Read more ...

The big migration - the barbarians are coming

Invasion of the Roman Empire, (C) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Invasions_of_the_Roman_Empire_1.png

When the Romans finally lost the grip on the western world the big migration of the "Barbarian" tribes in Europe and western Asia began. The same seems to be going on in the software world with the disruption of "barbarian" Software-as-a-Service solutions replacing the existing ruling powers. Read more ...

Hosted eMail booming, especially with business users

Google Chrome Mock Up

Networkworld.com commented on Radicati's hosted eMail study with an article titled "Hosted e-mail seats will grow 40% by 2012...". Hosted eMail accounts grew from 1bn in 2006 to 1.6bn in 2008 and will be at 2.2bn in 2012 according to Radicati. Read more ...

Bill away, Steve astray


It is what is is. Some things can only be changed by changing the players. Germany lost the EU  Football (some call it soccer) cup against Spain in the finals tonight, Spain was simply better. Spain won for the first time since 1964 - the year I was born and that is definately a loooong time ago. Things have changed - after a long time. Viva España.

Same for Microsoft. A lot of changes ahead for the software business: Internet, Open Source, and Software as a Service. Open-Xchange is the new kids on the block with some serious stuff. Check out Slashdot and ZDNet for some insight.

Sharecropping? Not much left to be shared.

From http://blogs.iloha.net/lonegamer/

Google has made a few bold moves into the Platform as a Service (PaaS) and application API space recently. And, most notably the announcement of the Salesforce.com cooperation rolls this strategy to the end users. As Tier1's Phil Shih phrases it: "Salesforce and Google go after SMB market more aggressively; hosters beware".

Matt Asay points out on his blog that Google may be at an inflection point of having to commit to either Open Standards or becoming evil after all. Ars Technica's Clint Ecker feels that the lock-in strategy is at full steam already, as he thinks that the PaaS move "... most blatant downside is being locked into Google's platform." Read more ...

SaaS - The Right Business Model for Open Source?

Buckminster Fuller at Time Magazine

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." ... Bucky Fuller once said.

You could say that this is the guiding principle for why OX does SaaS and Open Source. Read more at Enterprise Open Source Magazine...

Can they eat your cake and have theirs, too?

Microsoft and Google say are entering the business software services space -- with SaaS offerings around advanced eMail, Groupware, Collaboration and Office Applications. Of course that makes sense -- we, along with Gartner ("E-Mail Hosting: Poised for Explosive Growth", Matthew W. Cain, Gartner, Feb 22, 2008), Tier1 and Radicati -- have long predicted this to be an attractive market. SaaS offerings in this space can remove more than 90% of the cost for the user -- giving especially small businesses the opportunity to do more at a low price-point. Read more ...

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