The little difference that goes a long way...

Once every year I try to recreate blocks in Java using anonymous inner classes, and then quickly remember, how discouraging Java can be:

assertNoException(new Block() {
   public void call() throws Exception {
     sqlInterface.getActiveAppointments(USER_ID, SUPER_START, SUPER_END, COLS); 
});   Read more ...

Progress? What Progress?

Xerox Alto computer (from

The List Universe published "10 Developments That Changed The Face Of Computing". They are (in reverse order of importance): the Web, Photoshop, VisiCalc, WordStar, CP/M, EMACS, Unix, C, Smalltalk, Xerox Alto Operating System.

So the Xerox Alto OS changed the face of computing the most, followed by Smalltalk. Both from the early seventies. Read more ...

Smalltalk Bücher

Es gibt sie noch, die guten Dinge (OK, zumindest *das* ist geklaut). Smalltalk Bücher als free (?) eBooks. Nett.

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