You want, you need a SSD drive in your lappie. But not with the new MacBook Pro's!

SSD Random Access Performance

I was very very happy with my SSD in my Jan'09 MacBook Pro 15" until I upgraded to a June MBP 17" and slapped my OCZ Vertex 250gb into the shiny new machine. It worked like a charm - for a while. On one rainy day after a couple of weeks of using the machine I got very erratic behavior, read errors, no boot drive at startup, regular lock-ups, very unapple behavior! Read more ...

You want, you need a SSD drive in your lappie. Here is why...

SSD Random Access Performance

The next big improvement in hardware technology comes from the switch from steam-punky mechanical hard drives to solid state disks. You can make the switch now if you are somewhat insensitive to, umm, money.

I tested and used 3 SSD's on my Dec 08 Mac Book Pro (2.8GHz Core2Duo, 4Gig RAM) and compared it to the 7.2k 320Gig hard drive that came with the MBP. 

Not only do the benchmarks (XBench 1.3) speak a clear language. Also it really shows in your normal day to day work. The machine simply feels much more fluid, responsive, fewer rough edges, really fast. Read more ...

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