Updating to iOS5, here is a few shortcuts

If you are like me you own too many iDevices, read too much of Engadget, and have too little patience to wait for final releases of firmware. So I updated to Lion Beta 4 and iOS5 Beta 1 on my iPhone and iPad 2.

Here is a few things that come in very handy on your way to updating:

- you need an Apple iOS developer account to download the betas (yeah, Torrents are also available) and to activate the updated device (workarounds for that seem shaky). Get it, it's 79$ a year or so. http://developer.apple.com

- Once you have the account go to the iOS Provisioning Portal, click on "Devices" and "Add new Device". Give it a name. 

- Tip #1: The best way to get to the ID of the device is to connect it, click on the Apple in the top left corner, About this Mac, Additional Information. Go to USB and find your iPhone / iPad. The serial number is your ID, mark copy and paste it to the provisioning portal entry.

- Download iTunes 10.5 Beta from the iOS dev center

- Tip #2: Launch it, backup your iDevice, and Alt-Click (or Option-Click in Apple parlance) on "Restore" and not "Update" to avoid Error 3002, find the firmware and shoot

- Tip #3: Dont try the "over the air" activation, that does not seem to work. After your iDevice rebooted go to iTunes and restore, unless you are curious how the process is implemented